New Kids On the Block: Pattie Dayz

Name: Pattie Dayz Age: 24 Location: Brooklyn, NY (raised in Harlem) I was first introduced to Pattie Dayz’ work through a mutual friend, Cornielio Ocatvious, on Facebook. He posted a piece of her artwork from her ‘CornPatties’ series and I’ve been drawn in ever since. The series features herself and Cornelio in multiple scenarios, all […]

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New Kids on the Block: RazoTha1st

Name: RazoTha1st Age: 18 Location: Bronx, NY to Atlanta, GA. When I came across RazoTha1st, I immediately thought to myself, “This guy is definitely versatile.” The first track that I’ve heard by Razo was “Lil Rockstar” which gave me those Lil Yachty vibes, but instead, with an uptempo instrumental. RazoTha1st is definitely the perfect blend […]

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New Kids on The Block: Ri$ky

Name: Ri$ky Age: 23 Location: Honolulu,HI (South Carolina) How did you come up with the name Ri$ky? “After changing my name so many times because of other artists who blew up using my names, it made me want to take a risk and change it again. This is when I came up with the name […]

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NKOTB: Danyosonn

Name: Danyosonn Age: 24 Location: Brooklyn, NY (Bedstuy) How’d you come up with the name Danyosonn? “Funny story… My first music mentor around 12 – 13 always called me Danyosonn, I hated it in a funny way. He had to leave town for a couple years, but I continued my craft met another music mentor about […]

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NKOTB: Headphone Jones

Name: Headphone Jones Age: 24 Location: Cape Coral, Fl. (Born in the Bx, NY) How did Headphone Jones come about? “I was rapping under the alias “City MC” for a while, but I just outgrew it I guess. Headphone Jones came from my love of music, my attention to audible detail, and my love for […]

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